Mind Mapping…A 21st Century Teaching Tool

The last few weeks as I have been busy working away developing my unit plan, I have also been learning about the educational benefits of mind maps. The fundamental idea behind mind maps is to build and link a network of key words and ideas surrounding a central topic or concept. In the classroom, a mind map is a tool that allows students to graphically represent their thoughts and ideas and then see the relationships and connections between their ideas and the learning concept.

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Transforming Knowledge using ICT

When I first started learning how to design a lesson plan, I remember feeling overwhelmed and I thought that they were such complex, mammoth tasks. But now, after having developed and implemented quite a few while on professional placement, I feel as though I’ve conquered that fear and I can now proudly and confidently whip up a good lesson plan in no time.

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Who Killed the Wicked Witch?

As I have been slowly chipping away and doing my research for my assessment this week, I have been absolutely amazed at how many wonderful digital resources I have stumbled across that teachers are already implementing into their classrooms and seeing great results! The ‘in’ app it seems at the moment is one called Seesaw. Seesaw is a student digital portfolio where students can document and share what they are learning at school. Every student has their own journal which can be shared with their families and they can share photos of their work, drawings they have done or videos they have made. It is a great way for parents to view what their child is learning and it is great for students to see their work progressively improve.

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So… Exactly What are ICTs?

This week’s lecture has me pondering…exactly what are ICTs? And how can I learn about new ICTs? Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)… these are the three buzz words I’m constantly encountering in educational journal articles, textbooks and web discussions today. They are also referred to as digital technologies which include items such as, smart phones, laptops and other electronic devices, and whether we like it or not, they are here to stay. Kids are becoming increasingly comfortable and confident using digital technologies in and around their lives everyday. When I was a kid, if I came across an unknown object or toy, I might have shaken it to figure out what it was. Kids today however, just know to automatically swipe!

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