First Week Down…2 to go!

So, I have just come to the end of week one of my professional experience placement in a Year 4 classroom. Awesome bunch of kids! The digital technologies in the classroom however, are very, very limited to say the least! While it is a BYO device school, there are frequent occasions where forget to bring their ipads and there are some students who simply don’t own one. There are a few ipads that belong to the classroom that can be borrowed to cater for these students, but even then there are still instances where students need to ‘double up’ on one ipad.

I was initially happy to see a smart screen in the classroom, however I have just discovered that it is NOT interactive! Let’s just say that I am perfecting my ability to develop powerpoint presentations. This week, I also realised how temperamental ICT can be when I tried to mirror my ipad to the smart screen. It worked in the morning, however when it came time to teach the lesson, it decided not to work! So I had a quick in improvising on the spot and had to quickly write my activity onto the white board. Next week, I’ll be taking in my laptop and plugging directly into the smart screen to avoid any further dilemmas. Ah, the joys of it all….


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