ICT…Have a go and Practise, Practise, Practise!

This week I am developing a website for assessment 3 which needs to include a digital artifact that I have created. I’ve encountered a few challenges so far, including finding reasonably decent software and apps that are user-friendly and don’t lose their formatting once published to the web (oh, and are free). I had spent the better part of a day creating an avatar using a well-known software tool only to find that I needed to be a premium member to attain the embed code! Aggghhh!!! Never mind, I won’t be perturbed.

I found another awesome 3D avatar creator site which promoted a 15 day free trial (which I thought I would take advantage of). After downloading the software (along with a dodgy cling-on scanning program that I had to uninstall) I discovered that it was way too advanced for me to learn within my limited time frame to complete the assessment. It would have been awesome though!  I have decided to go with a program called Animaker which is a user-friendly program for creating cartoon slide shows. Getting the embed code was a little tricky though, however I learnt that by uploading it to You Tube I could attain an embed code that could be copied and pasted into my website, and voila!

Essentially… ICT, just like anything else in life that you are unfamiliar with and want to learn about can be daunting at first until you have a go and practice until it does becomes familiar. As a pre-service teacher, I realise that my future students will most probably possess a pre-existing familiarity with using a range of ICT that I may still find daunting which is all the more reason to have a go and practice, practice, practice. I am very excited at the prospect of planning some fun and engaging ICT rich lessons for my upcoming professional experience practicum. The classroom I will be teaching in has an interactive screen and it is a BYOD school, so the students are required to bring their own IPads. I aim to integrate a variety of ICT ideas and resources into the lessons to support and transform student (e)learning.



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