Mind Mapping…A 21st Century Teaching Tool

The last few weeks as I have been busy working away developing my unit plan, I have also been learning about the educational benefits of mind maps. The fundamental idea behind mind maps is to build and link a network of key words and ideas surrounding a central topic or concept. In the classroom, a mind map is a tool that allows students to graphically represent their thoughts and ideas and then see the relationships and connections between their ideas and the learning concept.

I must say, I am excited at the thought of the potential learning opportunities for students during an English lesson by implementing a collaborative mind map. Firstly, mind maps are effective as a diagnostic assessment tool for ascertaining students’ current knowledge about a learning concept through brainstorming. Secondly, mind maps promote peer collaboration as students can progressively contribute to them as their learning increases. And thirdly, but not lastly, mind maps are great as visual prompts for helping students to recall information.

So, if I am going to implement this 21st century learning tool into a lesson whilst on my next prac, I thought that I had better attempt creating one for myself. There are a plethora of mind mapping apps to choose from, but I decided to use Bubbl.us which I found to be very straightforward and user-friendly. My mind map below represents my ICT connections which is by no means a definitive list.



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