Transforming Knowledge using ICT

When I first started learning how to design a lesson plan, I remember feeling overwhelmed and I thought that they were such complex, mammoth tasks. But now, after having developed and implemented quite a few while on professional placement, I feel as though I’ve conquered that fear and I can now proudly and confidently whip up a good lesson plan in no time.

That was all fine and dandy until now… My assessment task right now is to design an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) rich unit plan and yes, I am feeling overwhelmed and yes, it is feeling a lot like a complex and mammoth task! The overarching goal of this unit plan is to embed ICT into the learning experiences to not only aid in the construction of knowledge, but to aid the transformation of knowledge also. The key learning area I have chosen is English (no surprise there) and I have chosen the learning objectives from the curriculum and decided upon the summative assessment. The final and most important stage is to plan ICT rich, sequential learning experiences which will probably consist of somewhere between 15 to 18 lessons to help students get from point A to point B. I know…I hear ya!

So where to start? There are literally thousands of digital learning tools available, but do they really have educative value? My first thoughts were creating lessons that integrated the interactive whiteboard as a digital platform or even showing educational you tube clips because they are absolutely wonderful for aiding in the construction of knowledge, but do they really transform knowledge?


Google Docs is a great teaching and learning tool which has so many terrific features. Students can access it at any time to work on their project, students can collaborate with other students on the same document, teachers can mark the student’s work and provide feedback at any time and straight into the online document.

Another and effective web 2.0 tool is called Book Creator which is a learning tool that enables students to publish their narrative stories as an ebook. I’ve seen this app used in a Year 4 class and the students enjoyed seeing their stories transform into an ebook complete with illustrations and animated turning pages.


8 thoughts on “Transforming Knowledge using ICT

  1. I came here because I saw that you mentioned Book Creator (whom I work for). I was amused to see you also followed my daughter’s blog about learning Chinese!


    1. Hi Dan, Thanks for visiting my blog. What a coincidence, my hyperlinking the company you work for and following your daughter’s blog. Your daughter must be doing the same university course that I am doing as those students are the only blogs that I am following. I hope she’s enjoying the course too.


  2. Hi there! I have actually decided to use book creator within my planned experiences! I think it is an amazing app to use. It is amazing how many opportunities we have in the digital world to enhance our teaching and make learning more effective and efficient.


    1. Hi there, I’m so glad you are adding Book Creator to your teaching resources. It really is a great resource for students to publish their work or for the teacher to share activities for students to work through independently. Last year while on prac I created a Power Point for a Year 3 class of different activities over about 6 slides which I then put into Book Creator. Students could access it through their IPads and work through the activities at their own pace. Very cool.


  3. After reading your blog, I have now added the teaching tools Google Doc and Book Creator to my list of suitable apps. I like how each tool could be embedded into various learning experiences. One app that I found fun and easy to use was Chatterpix. This interactive program invites students to create their very own talking character. Using iPads students take digital photos or use existing characters, add stickers, frames and text. With a swipe of their fingers, a mouth is drawn; students record a sort 20-30 second narratives to bring their character to life (Duck Duck Moose, 2017).


  4. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and I’m glad you’ve added Google Docs and Book Creator to your list of resources. Google Docs is fantastic and I have since discovered that there are popular extensions of this called Google Classroom and Google Slides. I checked out your suggestion, Chatterpix and I will definitely be adding it to my list of resources thank you. Perhaps, Chatterpix could be used as our required artifact for assignment 3?


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