Who Killed the Wicked Witch?

As I have been slowly chipping away and doing my research for my assessment this week, I have been absolutely amazed at how many wonderful digital resources I have stumbled across that teachers are already implementing into their classrooms and seeing great results! The ‘in’ app it seems at the moment is one called Seesaw. Seesaw is a student digital portfolio where students can document and share what they are learning at school. Every student has their own journal which can be shared with their families and they can share photos of their work, drawings they have done or videos they have made. It is a great way for parents to view what their child is learning and it is great for students to see their work progressively improve.

Another digital resource I stumbled across is a website called Once Upon a Picture. It is a website (and there’s a facebook page) that shares beautiful, interesting and sometimes quirky pictures to inspire, promote discussion, comprehension and inference. These images are brilliant for stimulating student imaginations and launching creative writing ideas.

Here is an example below of one of the beautiful images titled Who Killed the Wicked Witch? So many ideas come to mind for literacy lesson ideas. Build a character profile, interview a character, write a story from one character’s point of view, re-write an alternative ending from the traditional story. The sky’s the limit!


Who Killed the Wicked Witch? [Image]. (2017). Retrieved from https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/portfolio_page/killed-wicked-witch/


4 thoughts on “Who Killed the Wicked Witch?

  1. As you have stated their are so many helpful tools to use. As I continue to research the more I discover ( slightly overwhelmed). With so many options I just hope I will be able to select the best tool for the lesson.
    It also will be interesting to see what our (prac) school is using.

    This is a great find, I look forward to using this for future lessons.
    Cheers Leanne


  2. Hi Leanne, I agree, it can be overwhelming discovering how many digital resources are available. The key is, finding suitable resources that align to the RAT model that we have been learning about in our course which is not always easy. 🙂


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